Best Variations of Dyke Haircuts

Best Variations of Dyke Haircuts

The so called dyke haircuts are those haircuts that are designed to be worn by women to look like men. There are several best options regarding this group of haircut that can be chosen. They are not completely copying the haircut of men despite of the fact that the main intention is to get the look of men.

The so called super short haircut is one of the available variations. This one is a simple looking buzz cut that is also known to be called as shag or crew cut. In order to call some of the women who were having this haircut there are terms of stonebutch, butch, softbuch, transgendered, or genderqueer. Despite of the really man-like look of this hair, those women wearing it remains to have their desire to beautify themselves through various matters.

Next option of the so called dyke hairstyle is the less extreme version of extreme Mohawk. Basically it takes the idea of having extreme Mohawk with a little bit of adjustment so that it can still look good on women. As a matter of fact there can be a lot more variations of this style since Mohawk remains to be a kind of general or basic style of hair. It can be painted, spiked, and also twisted accordingly to achieve the intended look of the one wearing it.

One more option is the so called Shane hairstyle that was made famous by the character of Shane McCutcheon of the L Word. It is a kind of messy style of hair combined along with a sophisticated swagger. Unlike the other two previous styles, this one reflects the freedom of life as seen in the character of Shane McCutcheon itself. Out of those three options of the dyke haircuts there are more options available out there that may soon be more popular than those three styles.


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